Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Had my first yoga lesson, today. What a superb experience! I can see why so many people get absolutely hooked on it. The tutor is Fingermail I's former pre-school teacher. She gave up teaching to devote herself to yoga full-time a few years ago and we've finally got around to fulfilling our promise to 'keep in touch'; in fact, it was Mrs. F who gave me a month's subscription as a Christmas present. I gave her six months of acting lessons last year, so now we're quits. I'd always wanted to try yoga and she'd always wanted to act. Apart from anything else, these presents have zero carbon footprint. Don't give anything to your loved ones made in China, just give them services: massages, yoga, acting lessons, backstreet hand-jobs, whatever. Doesn't matter; the planet will french-kiss you for it. They also have the added advantage of not cluttering your place up after you've opened them.

Incidentally, if anybody wants the the details of a really good yoga centre in Toulouse, just drop me a message.

I know this blog is meant to be about life in Toulouse, but there's only so much that happens, here, and even less that I hear about. Like I said at the beginning: it's more for me to record what was going on at a particular time rather than designed to be an encyclopaedic source of information on the capital of the Haute Garonne. If it's raunchiness you're after, have a look at my other blog, which deals with my young, carefree single life. Eiffel Towers abound, but only figuratively.

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