Friday, 25 March 2011


Good evening, Singapore! Nice to see you hanging on in there. I once tried buying black patent leather shoes in Singapore, but the shop assistant, despite his imploring assurances to the contrary, hadn't the faintest idea what I was on about. He offered me brown suede shoes, Hush Puppies, moccasins and cuban heels before rushing off to the competition to see if he could find what I was looking for there, buy it, come back and sell it on to me. I felt like buying something - anything, just to reward him for his efforts. I loved my time in Singapore; so courteous, so clean and so forward-looking. Progressive Asian countries and nation states still get the snob treatment her in the Weest, but I'd rather live in a country that combines technology with courtesy rather than perenially courting a tired old European Puffmutter, constantly harking back to former glories whilst denigrating entities whose tits aren't located around their knees. Great cocktails, too, in the Hilton Skybar.

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