Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chile is on.

Like it says on the tin, I'm going to Chile in May. We managed to find an agreement and now they're sorting out my flights, which I hope will go via Madrid rather than Paris. It'll be three weeks in a culture I'm not terribly familiar with, even if I do speak the lingo pretty well. One thing I have noticed is that they often tend to leave the 's' off the ends of words, so I'm preparing for an 'a' and 'o' overdose where previously I supped on the delicious, slippery letter indicating the plural. Quite frankly, I have no idea what to expect, but everyone I've spoken to who has worked there says it's wonderful. It'll be three weeks without Mrs. F and the Fingernails, but it may well open up future possibilities. Plus, it's a bit of extra money, and that never goes amiss.

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