Friday, 18 March 2011

Evenin', all...

The only problem with evening blogging  is that I'm often too tired to get my brain working, again. Tonight, I had to go out and give one musical cue in tonight's performance as the conductor didn't trust the stage manager to get it right. I did exactly as she has been doing these last three weeks and then came home. No doubt I will soon hear that my version was 'so much better' or some such nonsense. We have to deal with a lot of rather questionable personalities in our profession, but then again, doesn't everyone?

It's now been five days without a cigarette and I'm still not out of the woods. I know it's bad for you, I know it causes socialism and makes your head explode and your dick drop off, but you still end up craving one from time to time, even if you know you find the smell repulsive on anyone else. After all, if logic and common sense entered into it, no-one would ever smoke. I'm getting tired of all of the fragrant chewing gum I've ended up stuffing into my mouth. If smoking is an aberration, then life was never meant to be this perfumed, either. Should it really be that complicated to arrive at normality?

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