Friday, 25 March 2011


The lovely thing about blog audience tracking is that it evokes so many memories of the time when I was more frequently on planes than in my own bed. Seeing the list of countries that have visited French Fingers plunges me into a state of warm, fluffy nostalgia, though I've never been to Belarus, despite having regularly worked with people from Minsk. As I've mentioned in a few previous posts, I'm probably going to Chile for a few weeks in May-June, but so spaced-out are my travels these days that this really appears like a noteworthy event. Back in the 90's, it would have received an indifferent shrug, tucked, as it would have been, in between auditioning singers in Moscow and St. Petersburg and performing on stage in Argentina.

Yes, but was I happy hahaha. You bet your life I f****** was.

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