Monday, 7 March 2011

Weather Report

The sun has returned to the south-west, smiles are coming back, coats are getting lighter. I've been amazed these last few weeks how the temperature can lurch from one extreme to another, to the point where you need two sets of clothing on permanent standby. It's unusual for this normally temperate part of the world but I'm not going to fall into the trap of ignorantly spouting any ill-founded theories on global warming, man-made or otherwise.

In fact, the most intriguing statistic of an otherwise pretty slow weekend is the fact that Marine le Pen tops the polls in peoples' voting intentions come the next presidential election. This will change, of course, once Arab revolutions, public debates on the place of Islam in French society and other potentially immigration-related subjects make way for what really interests the great unwashed, namely, video footage of Gérard Dépardieu leaving a restaurant or politicians tripping over their words, as did recently Rachida Dati, being interviewed about national economic prospects, inadvertently implied that there wasn't enough oral sex going on in France. Don't believe me? Google her name and add 'lapsus'.

I've also decided to stop smoking at the end of the month and Alan Carr is helping prepare me. I won't go on about it as it's intensely boring, but I really want it to work this time. Mrs. F and the Fingernails are, unsurprisingly, very much in favour. Maybe I'll be more relaxed once I'm off the weed, I don't know; the only certain thing is that I'm 48 and I can't go on like this indefinitely.

Enjoy the sun, wherever you are.

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