Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Road closed. And everything else.

It's maybe no accident that, while I'm awaiting the delivery of my copy of Nick Davies' Flat Earth Society, our little street is closed to traffic of any kind. I have to show ID just to get to my front door. Our street houses the Assizes Court and we do get the odd road block, but nothing like this. The far end is blocked by five or six vans of riot police and our end is patrolled by another seven uniformed officers. Gawking wastrels are pretty commonplace outside the Appeals Court, but I couldn't help but notice a few gypsies hanging around a couple of days ago, all looking fairly worried.

There's been no indication in the local press about what this hoo-ha is for, so Mrs. F asked one of the police officers when she came back with the Fingernails this afternoon. Apparently, an elderly couple was assaulted by a group of our lovely, cuddly Rom gypsies and the whole thing has ended up in court. The powers that be, no doubt casting a worried eye over Marine Le Pen's ratings in the latest polls have decided to censure all information regarding this case which is, maybe more than most others, liable to enflame public opinion. Are the French not considered adult enough to make up their own mind about this? Do the cretinous socialists in City Hall want to engineer and subvert public opinion to fit their own agenda? Looking back at Blair's Britain, it certainly wouldn't be the first time.

Apparently, the case will be judged tomorrow, then we'll get our street back. But don't count on reading anything about it in the local rag La Dépêche du Midi, which has never made any secret of its leftist leanings and is unlikely to publish anything which could fuel far-right support. I'm not too optimistic about seeing any local TV reports, either; when it comes to living in a 'democracy', we have to realise that the only information we have is that which we are allowed to access, nothing more.

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