Friday, 7 October 2011

Calming Down

Our new neighbours are calming down. It has something to do with the fact I shouted at them last night: "Close your window; some people are trying to sleep, here". There are actually two men, a woman and two dogs in 30 square metres. Only the dogs are not alcoholics. They're quiet, too, so are basically more civilised than their 'masters'. All the other owners are putting a letter together to send to the owner, much good as it'll do in this country which protects low-lifers at the expense of ordinary people.

Just let me go and live in a house in the middle of nowhere. People stink.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More Pondlife.

Bizarre, sociopathic neighbours are not the exclusive preserve of the studio above our bedrooms. We now have a somewhat antisocial creature plus his wife/girlfriend/moll as well as a large Alsatian who have taken up residence in the upper flat opposite our front door. This flat has, until now, always housed diligent, quiet female law students and was the few score square metres in the building which were, as far as tenant quality goes, 100% reliable. Now the owners appear to have done a volte face and given us a couple of park bench dwellers who spend their days drinking, smoking and swearing. All this, of course, with wide-open windows which give on to a beautifully resonant courtyard. Toulouse is still in the midst of an Indian summer so we have the privilege of being subjected to their incoherent, alcoholic ramblings whenever they're in residence. It's a bit like living next door to Hans Neuenfels. Tomorrow is our house management company's AGM, so we'll have a few things to talk about.