Sunday, 3 April 2011

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There are few things more pleasant than being plugged into a bit of good music, a glass of Château Coutinel nearby and typing some random thoughts into a computer. Well, there are quite a few but they're just not available, so that's that. So instead of dwelling on imaginary pleasures I'll just say how fascinated I am by the fact that people in Iran and India, Argentina and Australia, Egypt and Finland, to name but six examples, have been reading this blog. It's amazing to think that I can sit here at my desk in southern France, type a stream of unmitigated bollocks onto a little plastic screen and have the result observed by people all over the world. I've given up the idea of exclusively documenting everyday life in this august city as, quite frankly, I just don't get to see enough of it, so I hope my musings on other subjects compensate for the lack of information about Toulouse. On reflection, I dare say there's enough to keep a blog furnished exclusively with Cathare Info, but I fear it would rapidly get monotonous. With the best will in the world, and much as I can't stand the French capital for a variety of reasons, Toulouse isn't Paris; less happens here, and that's part of its charm. Having lived in London, Los Angeles, Hamburg and Chicago I'm happy to be in the boondocks, especially as life isn't only about myself any more.

Thanks for tuning in; I originally started this blog just for me, but now I'm really enjoying writing it for you.

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