Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Follow-up to 'A Typical Wednesday'

Forgive me, but this takes the cake. Mrs. Fingers asked our friend who didn't feed Fingernail I that fateful Wednesday, what the problem may have been. For your delectation, a transcript:

Mrs. F: "Did Fingernail I have lunch with you that day?"
Friend: "That was what I'd agreed with Mr. Fingers, but I asked Fingernail I if she'd eaten or not"
Mrs. F: "And what did she say?"
Friend: "She said she hadn't, but I didn't believe her. She had lots for tea, though."

For f***'s sake!!!!!!!! They walk amongst us!!!!!!! Only when you're a parent can this hit you in the solar plexus like a runaway Mike Tyson. Honestly, people don't deserve democracy; they should just be grateful if they're not victim to random sniper fire. For f***'s sake. Here endeth the lesson before I endeth their life.

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