Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter Monday.

First post for a few days, and that's a bit out of character since I decided to reactivate this blog after about a year of inactivity. The most remarkable thing to have happened here these last few days is the passion for Easter Eggs and Easter Bells around our neighbourhood. Just by our local Marché des Carmes there's an up-market chocolate maker, Pillon. Mrs. F 'popped' in on Easter morning to get a couple of gifts for our lunch hosts, only to find herself queueing for about 45 minutes behind revellers eager to deposit, almost without exception, three-figure sums on seasonal cocoa-bean products. They were meant to open at 9am, but the queue outside was so long by 8am that they opened, then. The average punter would lay down about €150 then head off to church. And yet all you hear about is how much less well-off everyone's meant to be, these days.

Lunch with our friends was nice and we rounded it off with a bike ride along the Canal du Midi down to Ramonville. Fingernail II was particularly impressive: a twelve-mile round trip at the age of five without batting an eyelid is pretty good by anyone's standards. The weather behaved itself and we realised we were just having a plain old afternoon out, just like everyone else.

Fingernail II still has a gippy tummy, but I'll spare you the details. This time next week we'll be in our gîte. Bliss...

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