Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Something which I don't understand is how (or why) so many visitors to this site choose to read the post entitled 'Last Post'. It's a pretty anonymous few lines I scribbled down around midnight a couple of months ago but seems to attract an inordinately high number of viewers. Does anybody have an idea why this may be? Is it a default page from one of the referring websites, or something?

Anyhow, back in Toulouse. Back's playing up terribly, due to having slept badly for about an hour in my lovely economy class seat somewhere between Santiago and Madrid. After a three-hour layover in Barajas the connecting flight to Toulouse was delayed, adding another hour to an already very long journey. It's hot, here; hot and smelly as people are too self-centred to put rubbish in bins and too stupid to shower and then use deodorant. I know it's a cliché, but it's true: a lot of people in this country are just plain dirty. There, I've said it.

Back to my Horlicks and a comfy bed, providing our lunatic new neighbour's collection of seven playful cats doesn't choose to rehearse their version of Riverdance on the uninsulated parquet floor upstairs (see posts from Autumn, 2008).

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