Thursday, 9 June 2011

Chilean MILF politicians v. Blair's er, 'Babes' (sic)

Brits first, sadly. At least that gets them out of the way. The following three politicians were instrumental in the cynical, wanton destruction of my country which occured on their watch from 1997 to 2010:

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Harriet Harman. Please don't try to give her back. You may also be familiar with Jacqui Smith:

The only true words she spoke in the whole time she had her snout in the Westminster trough. There's also this creature called Estelle Morris:

Here's her potted CV, in case you're interested:

Estelle Morris (Birmingham Yardley) - When Labour came to power in 1997, Ms Morris had been an MP for five years and was appointed as an under secretary to the Department for Education and Employment. She became the first secretary of state for the new Department for Education and Skills after the 2001 election. But in October 2002, after a series of fiascos she surprisingly quit, saying she was not up to the job. After a backbench stint, she returned as a junior arts minister in 2003 but finally stood down as an MP at the 2005 election. She was made a life peer in 2005 and is pro-vice chancellor of Sunderland University. 

Good to see talent being rewarded, isn't it? How much did you, the UK taxpayer, pay for her Westminster education? Will your children have a free run through university to make amends for this blatant profiteering? Thought not.

Chile is South America's economic success story. It's not hard to see why. Carolina Goic, will you step forward, please:

Ena von Baer's dimple is, in itself, allegedly responsible for $45bn worth of exports:

And just in case the deal could go either way, Santiago would roll out their secret weapon, Ximena Rincón, to ensure the signatures favour the GDP of the long, thin country:

The nice thing is that it's not considered a crime to be beautiful down in this part of the world, unlike in our over-legislated failed European Social and Economic Experimental Zone.What's important is that these babes are also apparently extremely good at what they do. In Europe, we only seem to respect female politicians if they look like Andrea Dworkin's ugly sister, even if they then prove themselves to be as inept as the trio I featured at the beginning of this post. So let's hear it for Chile. One, two, three...

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