Friday, 10 June 2011

Missed, again.

No can do at the Centro de Arte Alameda: the Screaming Finns started at 7.15pm, while I was still at work and I've already seen the two films starting at 9.15pm. Couldn't even tune in to the Playoff Final between Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica. The offbeat Argie offering at 10.30pm is too late for me; I'm concentrating on getting up early tomorrow to find something for the Fingernails. They're expecting Lapis Lazuli, but I think they've already got some, so I'll go for Chilean ponchos, or chamantos as they're called in this region. They can put them over the dirndls we got them in Bavaria and really confuse any passing anthropologist.

I've just seen that Universidad Católica beat Universidad de Chile 2-0, so the opening 2011 season is finished, and with it my wish to see a Chilean football match live. These playoffs just coincided badly with work. Maybe next year, if we come. Nice to see that Chileans also go in for retarded tattoos, like that famous, fat Newcastle United supporter in England. Actually, I'm not sure if this final is over two legs or not. Pretty academic; I won't be able to get to a match before I leave on Sunday.

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