Thursday, 9 June 2011

Chilean Misinformation

Having apparently been misinformed about the screening date of the film about the screaming Finnish male voice choir I decided to go and see an independent Argentinian film at 10pm this evening, the first of a mini festival. Being a fan of all things Argie I was looking forward to it. I turned up at the Centro de Arte Alameda at 9.55pm only to find the box office closed and a poster advertising the Screaming Finns as being screened this evening at 7pm. What about the Argies, I asked. Oh, that starts at 10.30pm and the tickets will be on sale outside...

The cinema's website is positively gallic in its uselessness. The only way of being certain what they're showing is to turn up in person and take a chance. I didn't finish work until 7pm so would've missed the Finns anyway, but

Ena von Baer has just been on CNN Chile, commenting on Ollanta Humala's presidential victory in Peru. That little dimple in her right cheek drives me insane...

OK, back to poorly-advertised cinema listings in South American capitals. Oh, what the hell. CNN Chile's current big-haired News Anchor, Paulina Yaurur, looks straight out of a Venezuelan soap opera; you could imagine her squaring up to her sister about flirting with her husband before firing off a withering threat and exiting stage right, shapely hips a-swaying, to dramatic music and a close-up of her worried sibling. I've quite clearly got too much time on my hands. Not surprising, seeing as I should be watching a film about down-and-outs in Buenos Aires.

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