Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Serious Socks

If all you aspire to in life is to get your socks from the Co-op, I seriously suggest you take a flight to Santiago de Chile, where socks are taken incredibly seriously (as they damn well should be):

Yes, there you have it: THE NATIONAL SOCK INDUSTRY! Take that, Tie Rack; Bugger you, BHS: the Chileans are serious about what they put between their skin and their shoes. Those two ladies you see in the picture are also representative of the general customer flow; at no point was there no-one either in front or inside the shop. Not many things move this august race as much as the brush of sensual alpaca wool against a willing toe or brazen heel. Until we take our feet this seriously we'll be condemned to Sunday League Podiatry whilst our mirror-shaded latino despots-in-waiting dry hump our Old Traffords, our Wembleys and our Shea Stadiums with their immaculate, fragrantly manicured size 10's. And yes, I have had a couple of drinks.

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