Thursday, 16 June 2011


I'm always amazed at how adaptable human beings are. When Mrs. Fingers told me that our pleasantly lunatic neighbour had finally moved in and that her cats basically kept her awake from 3am onwards every night, I had a nasty feeling in my stomach, one where the misgivings about returning to a city centre flat surrounded by pollution and inconsiderate fellow humans outweighed the anticipation of seeing my family again. Now, three days later, I've found that the cats aren't a hundredth as annoying as I'd imagined and life is, once again, 100% toulousaine. It'll change again next week, when I fly off to Germany for the summer, but, at the moment, it's like I'd never left. Our ability to live in the present (if needs be) is astonishing.

Never underestimate our capacity to cope.

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