Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The plot thickens…

Mu putative grandfather's parents were Albert Eugene Laval Graf Nugent, born on September 25th, 1816 in Naples (where he also died) and Therese Bachmann, born in Kirchberg in 1833 and dying in Krumpendorf in 1916, a decent innings for the time. His father was, of course, Laval Nugent von Westmeath; his mother Giovanna Riario Sforza, descended from Beatrice Gräfin von der Lausitz and Raffaele Riario Sforza. Most of Albert's siblings married into Italian nobility - Strozzi Sacrati and Pallavicini Fibbia, for example, presumably as Laval had spent a long time in Italy fighting Napoleon. My half brother has a lot of information on this period of Laval's life; I must ask him to put it in writing.

This is exciting. Well, it is for me.

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