Friday, 29 June 2012

Fabulous Evening

I've just come back from a fabulous evening spent in a country inn which brews its own beer. The three of us were pretty much the only people in a place normally heaving with excess flesh, the reason being that the world and his Frau were somewhere else, watching Germany be forcibly ejected from Euro 2012 by Italy who now form the SI or IS remains of the PIGS in this competition. So Angie may not have the privilege of rubbing the noses of those mediterranean shirkers in the mud but at least Germany will be back at its desk a good three to four days before anyone south of Marseille, if that is any Vorsprung worth mentioning.

The headlines naturally imply that Balotelli et al have now shown Germany who's boss, but that's just cheap, opportunistic journalism, as if there were any other kind after showcase events like this.

None of this nonsense should detract from the pleasure of a peaceful, civilised, football-free evening enjoyed by three honest, working people in need of a good chat and a few jars of stunning home brew. There was at least a trio of winners in Merkelland this evening.

This second picture is actually where we were. Now imagine it completely empty, and that's what we had. Heaven.

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