Thursday, 28 June 2012

Euro 2012

The title of this football tournament became even more significant when the quarter finalists were announced: apart from eternal half-measurers England and sulky, selfish France, it was basically Germany v. the PIGS, two of which dispatched the former participants of the Hundred Years War, clearing the way for the day when sport and politics didn't just mix, they had a drug-fuelled gang-bang.

Germany, amidst Bild-Zeitung headlines of 'Tonight We Won't Save You' saw Greece off at the coach station with a 4-2 drubbing a few days ago. Spain cocked a snook last night at Barroso's homeland, giving them Iberian peninsulan bragging rights, if nothing else. Germany will square up to Monti's well-behaved but still recalcitrant post-Berlusconi mediterranean basket case tonight. If Merkel goes on and beats Rajoy in the final, will this give Germany even more legitimacy to impose its views on economic management? After all, they'll be able to say they're superior in every department, won't they?

I fell out of love with football a few weeks ago and haven't seen one match of this tournament, yet. The only thing I'm interested in is a favourable economic outcome to this infernal euro crisis, and if it takes a football match to do it, then so be it…

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