Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn III

So, the ageing lothario has got bail, so he'll enjoy a certain amount of chequebook freedom until his case comes up on September 8th. It's difficult to imagine him sneaking out of the country and setting up in a hacienda in Belize, but stranger things have happened. This one's set to run and run, but the funniest of all is watching the French Socialist Party frantically scrabbling around for another credible presidential candidate. The best they've come up with so far is François Hollande, Ségolène Royale's cuckolded husband and father to her four children who eventually resigned from the party chairmanship after his ex's crushing defeat in 2007. He's not a bad guy, but do they really, after all these years, have no-one else? I, for one, find it hilarious, but if I were a committed leftie and card-carrying froggy socialist, I'd be beside myself with either worry or rage that my political people were apparently incapable of mounting a credible challenge to one of the most unpopular presidents in the recent history of the French Republic (Versions IV and V, at any rate).

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