Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn II

Ever since reading Flat Earth News I imagine I see misinformation, lies and manipulation in every news report, be they on the internet, in the printed press or on TV. This evening, France 24 decided to provide us with the following team to cover DSK's second attempt at getting bail: two gentlemen by the names of Perelman and Nathan King being interviewed by a an attractive black female journalist. Is there some kind of suggestion at work, here? I can't believe these are the only two demographic variations available for the diffusion of news, particularly an event focussed on a Jewish businessman-politician and an African cleaning lady. The longer this circus goes on, the less I see the chance of a fair trial, even if the man is a self-confessed serial shagger. The spectacle will ultimately prove more important than the result, and that's very sad, to say the very least.

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