Saturday, 10 November 2007

Home Again?

I've just seen a job advertised which interests me very much; the only thing is that it's in the UK. I'd love to do it if the conditions were right, but how different would the pay have to be from what I earn now to at least reproduce our standard of living? Apart from that little detail, this new job would be a major step up, so we'd have to look at an IMPROVEMENT of our situation. I have the feeling this might push the cash-o-meter off the scale, but there's no harm in trying.

There's no way we could live this way in the UK with the job I have now. I'd get fat sitting in traffic, eating abysmal convenience food through lack of time and risk the sack for being late. I like the idea of the Fingernails wearing school uniform, though, and Mrs. Fingers loves Britain, so there'd be no problem, there. It just seems strange when everyone and his dog is moving in this direction to up sticks and take over their seat on the bus. After all, you never hear French couples saying they're dreaming of selling their farmhouse in Provence to go and buy a 3-bed flat in Coventry. There's also the issue of healthcare: here, we can see a doctor when we want, pay on the spot and get the money back within a working week. In Britain, having that convenience would mean going private. We'd probably need - it pains me to even consider this - a car, so there's even more expense right there.

Ah, we'll see. I'll send the forms in and see what happens. My contract here runs until 2009. I could probably stay, but there's no way of knowing for certain so it behoves me to look around. It could also strengthen my hand if I do get offered another contract in France.

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