Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Called to order

I can only imagine that Fingernail 1's teacher has been called to order; either that or she's had a fit of conscience. Fearing the worst when we went back to school after the holidays we found there was nothing - NOTHING - at all written on the announcements board. This was a huge surprise. Today - still nothing. It seems that Class 4 is going to have a few weeks of uninterrupted tuition without parents having to continually re-explain strikes to their children. No wonder they love downing tools over here: they get masterclasses in it as early as nursery school. What's more, the teacher looks very cheery: it's either genuine or a real shit-eating smile but I really don't care. Fingernail 1 adores her and loves going to school because of her. That's good enough for anyone.

Fingernail 2 has got another bout of gastrointeritis. So far she seems to have kept it to herself but not without some pretty impressive performance artistry. If our washing machine were French it would have struck by now.

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