Tuesday, 13 November 2007

False Dawn

Well, the announcement on the board was there this afternoon. Not only Madame from Class 4 will be on strike on November 20th but all the others, aswell. I suppose that way she can hide behind the collective shield of discontent. To be fair, it's rare for the others to take a stand and when they do, the headmistress always writes a long note of explanation or holds a meeting. The strikes in Britain in the 70's virtually turned us into a Banana Republic under Callaghan but I fail to understand the seemingly interminable anger that the French seem to have regarding their society. Maybe it's the incessant protests and subsequent governmental back-downs that have led to creating what we perceive as such an attractive way of life but it's left the State in a financial mess. Whatever happens, France won't close but it needs to work to its full potential.

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