Saturday, 26 January 2013

Democracy. According to the people who make the rules.

I'm sure I'm far from being the only person in this situation, but I've recently had an internet forum post rejected by the site host. Ooh gah, I hear you cry; how unusual. Call out the National Guard. OK, fine, but there is this: Since then, every comment I've tried to leave, however innocuous, has just magically disappeared into the ether. I've burned my boats, it appears. At least with this particular website. Why?

I responded to an announcement that a certain conductor had been appointed to the post of Music Director of a certain swanky orchestra. I've worked with this bloke before and find him a fraud. I'm not alone, far from it. I implied in my post - not terribly discretely I must admit - that orchestra managers should maybe, just for once, look beyond the usual collection of talentless left-leggers. My submission was never posted and everything I've written since has just disappeared into thin air, despite my having a solid history of contributing to the site. I wrote to the site host personally, asking for his view on this; we'll see if I get a reply.

I appreciate that the host doesn't want any lawsuits provoked by his readership, but why flush everything else I contribute down the loo? Democracy and free speech are all very well as long as you don't say anything stronger than Macdonalds' mustard, it seems i.e. that you effectively say nothing at all. Keep your trap shut and you will have a sparkling future. We know all this, but it's dreadful all the same. As Churchill said: Democracy is all very well as long as you don't give it to the people. Well there you go, Winnny; your wish has come true, not that that's any surprise to anyone still alive in 2013.

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