Friday, 20 April 2012

Cheap booze and cigs, if that's what rocks your world.

Just a quick thought : the French can often be very critical of the Brits who head over to Calais on day trips and fill up their vehicules with cheaper booze and cigs than they find at home, but they’re no better down on the Spanish border. I looked at pretty much every trolley our fellow shoppers were pushing, and I think ours was about the only one with rice, fruit and vegetables in it. Four-litre bottles (yes) of whiskey, vodka, pastis and the like rubbed packaging with doorstep-sized cartons of cans of beer, enormous bottles of Rioja and ten-packs of chocolate bars, party-sized boxes of sweets and biscuits…I could go on, but you’ve already got the picture.

The bottom line is that we’re probably going to do exactly the same every month or so. Les and Bossost are an easy two-hour drive from Toulouse, so we can go for the day, stock up on essentials, have a good lunch out and head back. After all, doing things like that is one of the main reasons I bought the car.

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