Sunday, 1 April 2012

Côte Pavée...

Just got back from a lovely little event in Côte Pavée, Toulouse's Bel Air etc blah blah. Fingernail I took part in a concert of her violin teacher's students. It was super, and took place in a hall in the grounds of one of the neighbourhood churches. The windows were open, there was a slight breeze blowing through the trees and the air was full of string music, some of it actually quite pleasant to listen to. The courtyard/garden outside was large and allowed all the children to play in peace until the time came to play and the early evening sun made our idle, post-concert chatter pass pleasantly. The strange thing was that the street right opposite this one is called rue du Sergent Vigné, where a certain monster was recently involved in a shoot-out in his flat. We saw the place as we cycled off home but didn't go near enough to see the state it's in. It really makes you wonder. You believe you're protected and safe but evil can be anywhere. I know this sounds brainlessly dramatic but there you go. Live and love while you can, for there are no guarantees. Still don't feel like posting a picture, sorry.

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