Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Killing Time

No, it's not time to whip the AK47 out of the cupboard and go on a spree; I've got an hour between dropping the Fingernails off at school and the arrival of the chappy who's going to paint out windows. Mrs. Fingers has gone off to the gym so I'm home alone with too little time to start anything more substantial than dashing off a few lines in my diary.

I've started moonlighting at the local nationally-renowned secondary school. It's an hour of English comprehension every week in term-time and I was quite frankly amazed at the standard of the pupils. Having taught at Berlitz in Paris a few years ago I was expecting seven years tuition to equip the students with no more than the ability to order a beer at a football match, so yesterday's find was a revelation. I feel I may even have marked them a little high, such was my surprise at their level. The school is one of the finest in the country and now I'm beginning to understand why.

Back to real work later on. My department had a little impromptu meeting yesterday at how best to tackle the first project up, so today's rediscovery of the workplace has been pleasantly defused. It'll be fun.

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