Friday, 19 September 2008


What a day. Knackered. Twelve hours of music, pretty much non-stop, then home to listen to the neighbours throwing medicine balls around above and below. Not what you'd call restful. Same again tomorrow, just when people with normal jobs are driving out to the country to sip Pimm's on their terraces...Showbiz: everything about it is appealing.

Long working days do make for an extraordinarily one-dimensional life. I didn't see the Fingernails at all after they went into their classrooms this morning. I'll see them tomorrow morning, but then not until dinner time, and that's Saturday I'm talking about. Sunday will be the same. It's almost like before they were born and I certainly don't want to go back to the period of my life, lucrative as it was. Once you've had children, you never want to imagine your life without them.

So just a shorty today, then. Sleep cannot come quickly enough.

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