Saturday, 9 August 2014

The annual stream of consciousness from northern Bavaria

If there's anybody out there, thanks for tuning in. I've been a poor correspondent of late, mainly because I've not felt the need to to communicate with people I'll never meet. Thanks for looking at those pictures of Jemma Jameson and Deauxma, though. I hope they did some good.

This year in Bayreuth is completely solitary. We've done the bourgeois thing: sold one of our flats and bought a house. That wouldn't be so bad but for the conveyancing fees in France which, in addition to forking out for a new kitchen and new electricity, have decimated our savings. Hence I'm here in Wagnerville on my own, scraping enough cash together so we can pay our annual tax bills. Such is life, but thank heavens I'm able to do this; many don't have that good fortune. It's at this juncture, where in the absence of anything remotely interesting to relate, I normally just give in and promise a picture of a well-endowed beauty. That's still an option, but let's give it a few more minutes…

I've decided to put an end to the collaboration I'm currently involved in, here. It's not interesting, at least not for me. That's no reflection on the quality of the work, just the part I'm required to play in it, which is insufficiently interesting. I've asked to transfer to another production. If that doesn't work out, I'll go to South America where I have two offers for this period next year. Either would be fantastic. Life is good.

OK, time for that picture. I'll try to find a Bavarian one, just so there's some kind of link, yer know…

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