Tuesday, 8 May 2012

If you're bored with European news, try PRAVDA.

Yes, the iconic, Soviet-era journal of truth lives on, post-Yeltsin, in a sanitised, western form and is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary. It's still absolutely barking mad, though, and provides the average Joe with a much more entertaining canon of news pieces than our predictable dailies who mention nothing beyond French and Greek irresponsibility, over-budget Olympic games and Pakistani vice-rings. Here's a selection of this evening's headlines:

Marilyn Monroe was cooperating with KGB as 'Masha'

Naked taxi driver sentenced to coercive medical treatment

Armenia punished for boycotting Eurovision

Woman shoots her partner dead while dancing

Man lives in haystack for one month eating snow 

AND (my favourite):

Moldova cancelled.
All these are actual news items available as we speak on www.pravda.ru. I suggest you give this website a go. Apart from anything else, the journalists actually nail their colours to the mast, which makes a change from their French counterparts' tiresome habit of avoiding any question which could see them kicked off the gravy train they so gleefully ride at the expense of actually doing their job. Pravda.ru will also offer you some risqué links to other sites, should you be so inclined, so what's not to love. All aboard the train to Moscow!

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