Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Macabre House Hunting: Stunning view of serial killer's bathroom.

Just after posting my last epistle to the online Corinthians, I receive a real estate e-mail alert: a flat (OK, apartment…) for sale in…Côte Pavée, not more than 500 yards from our naughty little serial killer, the chump that he is…France has always been very taken with social mixity (except in areas where politicians live), and the fact that you have people like that in an otherwise impeccable neighbourhood tells you all you need to know about how misguided, ignorant and naïve this country's social policy has been since, ooh, nineteen sixty-two, I'd guess. I'm going to stop and let everyone else fight this out, for there be plenty of political capital to be gained, ooh-aah; providing everyone plays their hand cleverly…

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