Monday, 13 February 2012

Liberté, Egalité and Shitty Neighbours

Well, yesterday night was when it finally all came to a head. Our delightful marginal neighbours had a few 'friends' round, played music very loudly all afternoon and evening and shouted and drank the whole time. It ended up in a mass brawl in their flat and in the communal areas, so we called the police. They threw a couple of them out into the street but left one of the others to wander up and down the stairs, screaming, incapable of finding the front door of their hovel. Mrs. F started a new job this morning, the same day the school holidays started and in the middle of our house-hunting escapades. It never rains, then it pours.

The only way to be half-way certain of not being bothered by antisocial bastards in this country is to get somewhere in the middle of the countryside, which then means you spend all your money on petrol. Live close to others and be confronted with selfishness. It's enough to make you want to rebel.

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