Monday, 28 February 2011

Cindy Boyer

I don't know how many of you reading this blog will have heard of the case of five-year-old Cindy Boyer. She was placed with a foster family at the age of ten weeks, then recently suddenly removed - some say kidnapped - by the Gers Social Services and placed with another family. The official explanation given was that she and the foster parents had "established too close a bond. There was too much love between them and it was deemed necessary to sever the emotional bonds". The Prefect of the Gers went on to say that the decision was taken "in the child's best interests". We at Ch√Ęteau Fingers are not the only ones to be absolutely appalled by this, yet another incomprehensible action by Social Services of any country (Britain appears to be no better) and took part in a march the foster parents organised in Toulouse. There's an online petition calling for the renewed placement of this poor child with M. and Mme Boyer:

If you're as speechless as we still are, then please sign it and forward the link to anyone you may know. Thanks.

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