Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nothing particularly new to tell myself.

That concert last Friday evening was fun, if a little long. Having vowed not to do all the commentary and introductions for the abysmal fee they were paying I caved in when I saw the expectant faces in the audience. They'd come to enjoy themselves and a bit of chit-chat does make the evening go with a swing, so away I chatted. They want us back again next year, but they'll have to double my fee for all the work I do.

Another one tomorrow night, this time conducting my choir in a neighbourhood church. They've done a very good job learning a lot of music in a short time but the fact remains I don't have the forces available at Easter to match their ambition. We have nearly thirty at Christmas and just trot out three short numbers; around Easter we have just over half that and they want to sing oratorios. They sound good, but it could all be so much better if he had another ten in the ranks.

Let's not forget the day job; that's a taxing one at the moment...

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Sarah said...

Hello Mr Fingers. Your blog has been reviewed on A Taste of Garlic and I, for one, would like you to start writing it again, if you would.

I'm up the road from you in Montpellier and also have a job, pay taxes, and am under retirement age not living in a converted barn or any other type of quaint 'dream' home.

You can read the very jolly review here:

Was that an echo?