Thursday, 9 October 2008

Time for a post

It's been a few days since I had a late-night waffle, so here we go. The credit crunch has hit Europe, rich bankers are now having to eat their families and Lamborghinis in order to survive and life seems to be trolling on pretty much as normal: there's still a queue at the baker's, my salary still got paid in to the bank and the school doors gape invitingly wide when we roll up with the Fingernails. providing our modest savings aren't swallowed up into something no-one will be able to explain properly we should be OK. The general governmental mud-slinging is pretty childish as everyone played a part in it, somewhere: beit wanton, unnecessary consumption, opaque financial products or just economic overheating as an entertaining spectator sport for those in power, those who have overspent or gambled have only themselves to blame. Investing in stock markets is only failsafe in the long term and those who view it as an easy way to make a quick buck are often deluding themselves (I speak from experience). Still, there are surely a million shades of grey in this matter which is why, presumably, no-one is capable of giving a straight answer as to how it happened and what will happen next. My tip is to invest in the Scilly Isles and pigs' trotters, but my business nous is inferior to that of a salad spinner, so there you go.

Fingernail II's birthday is coming up and she'll be thrilled with her scooter. It's exactly the same model we bought for her sister three years ago (which got stolen from the courtyard) but was half the price. This shows there is a balance in the world economy: rice, pasta and wheat are getting more expensive by the day but children's scooters are plummeting in price, so stock up while you can.

You can't help but be morbidly fascinated by the US Presidential Race. Has there ever been such an incompetent pair of cretins as McCain and Palin? We don't know enough about Obama, but considering the stranglehold Senate and Congress have on US Politics, the President's main brief is that of figurehead, particularly regarding foreign policy. The thought of some hick moose-murderer jumping in for an ailing Vietnam POW to lead talks with Iran are just too frightening to behold. Faced with such a dreadful GOP ticket, Obama looks the safer bet.

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