Monday, 24 December 2007

And A Very Happy...

I'd wish my faithful readership a happy Christmas if I had one, but seeing as I don't I'll dedicate it to my good friend, Pos Terity. It's too late to be witty, coherent or imaginative so I'll just post a few thoughts in the existing mould. Most of my brain went to bed quite a long time ago and I think I'll follow it in just a few lines' time.

One Christmas I'd like to have a real few days off without having to worry about what's starting up on December 27th and trying to organise what's currently on the plate around it. It'd be nice for Mrs. F and the Fingernails, too. The idea of taking a car (which we don't have) up to a weekend retreat with comfy sofas and a log fire (which we don't have, either) is too good to write off completely so there is a point to the current schedule and its inanities. Nice bits of this Christmas period have been making mince pies and finding imaginative ways of cooking vegetables so that Fingernail 2 eats them without me having forcibly to stuff them down her throat and holding her mouth shut. Little victories which make you not dread mealtimes.

It's no good, I'm falling asleep on the screen.

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